Leynier Gutiérrez González

Havana · Cuba · leynier41@gmail.com

I am a student of Computer Science. I know several programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Dart, Java, Python and Javascript; in addition to other markup or style languages such as HTML, CSS and JSON. I really like both mobile application development and web application development, using frameworks, software, technologies, etc like Android Studio, Flutter, Unity, Flask, Vue.js and Bootstrap.

In my free time I am always researching and learning about new technologies, frameworks, etc. I am good working both individually and as a team, I know the development methodologies of agile software and tools like Git.


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Flutter Developer

Mainly developing mobile applications using the Flutter framework, but also maintaining mobile applications developed with Unity, as well as implementing systems and tools using Dart, Python and C#.

January 2020 - Present

Unity Developer

Member of the applications development team. In charge mainly of the functionalities related to third party services such as Unity IAP, Google Firebase, etc.

September 2018 - Present

Assistant Student

Student Assistant of Computer Networks in the Faculty of Mathematics and Computing of the University of Havana.

January 2020 - Present

Assistant Student

Assistant Student of Computing and Programming at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Havana.

September 2019 - Present


Member of a team responsible for migrating and implementing new functionalities of an application made in Matlab on the analysis of the gait which from sensors that measure acceleration, direction, etc; calculates different parameters such as the number of steps, the step length, the step speed, etc. The new application was implemented in the Python programming language.

July 1, 2019 - July 18, 2019


University of Havana

Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science
Student of Computer Science of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computation of the University of Havana. I have represented the faculty and the university in many events such as the International Girls' Day on ICTs developed at the Cuba Security Center, the ICT Boulevard developed at the Central Palace of Computing and Electronics of Cuba, etc.
September 2016 - Present

IPVCE Vladimir Ilich Lenin

High School, Pre University
I was part of the high performance group, specifically in the Computer Science course. Among the awards can be highlighted the Gold at the provincial level and the Bronze at the national level in the Competitive Programming Contests. Proudly a member of Graduation 41.
September 2012 - July 2015


  • Knowledges: Software Development | Software Design | Software Engineering | Web Development | Mobile Development
  • Programming Languages: C | C++ | C# | Python | Dart | Java | Assembly Language | JavaScript | SQL | Ruby
  • Markup and Style Languages: HTML5 | CSS | JSON
  • Frameworks and Technologies: Flask | Android | Unity3D | Flutter | Bootstrap | Vue.js | AngularJS | SQLAlchemy | Windows Forms | Windows Presentation Fundation
  • Tools: Google Firebase | pipenv | Git


  • Algebra I and II
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • Analytic Geometry
  • Compilation
  • Computer Networks
  • Data Structure and Algorithms I and II
  • Database Systems I and II
  • Discrete Mathematics I and II
  • Distributed Systems
  • Image Processing
  • Machine Programming I and II
  • Mathematical Analysis I and II
  • Mathematical Logic
  • Numerical Mathematics I and II
  • Operating Systems
  • Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Programming
  • Programming Languages
  • Software Engineering


  • Spanish: It is my native language.
  • English: Intermediate basic level.


Covid19 Cuba Data

Visualize the data related to Covid19 in Cuba from the official information of the MINSAP that is reported the next day.

March 2020 - Present

Cuba Weather

Cuba Weather is a pioneering, open-source, cross-platform, non-profit project in Cuba, the goal of which is to provide residents of Cuba a convenient way to access weather information obtained from national sources using only national navigation (for example, the voucher 300 megabytes of national data packets). A little over a month ago, Apklis has reached more than 28 thousand downloads, several reports in digital media, a great contribution from users through suggestions and donations, collaboration and advice from INSMET specialists and improvements implemented by various developers creating in shortly an enthusiastic community around the project.

January 2019 - Present


Assessment of gait using inertial measurements units

Abstract: Gait patterns undergo a natural modification throughout life, which may include the occurrence of gait disorders due to aging and different pathologies. Its analysis allows the evaluation of physical performance at different ages and it is a predictor of the risk of falls and cognitive impairment in older adults. The clinical eval-uation of gait is usually performed in laboratories, but there is a promissory alternative by the use of Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), portable devices for recording gait patterns in ambulatory environments. This paper presents a methodology for recording and assessing the gait patterns using Bitalino RIoT, an IMU that records acceleration, angular velocity and magnetic field signals in three axes. It was placed in the lumbar region of the 80 subjects included in the study, at the level of L1 vertebra, adjusting it firmly at the waist. The subjects walked 40 m in a straight line, 20 m in each direction, executing different types of walking.